About SUM Net

SUM Net is a democratic, secular, membership-based coalition of individuals, voluntary organizations, and civil society networks and movements.


SUM Net seeks to improve the overall quality of life for all by securing deeply democratic processes of decision-making to ensure that urban transportation systems are universally accessible, socially just, safe and secure, economically viable, and environmentally sound.


SUM Net aims to

  1. Deeply democratise the processes of policy formulation and project level decision-making related to urban transportation at all federated governance levels
  2. Assist and support local communities to shape their urban transportation policies and systems
  3. Undertake public awareness initiatives and facilitate dialogue on transportation policies and projects
  4. Encourage cities to improve walking, cycling and public transportation facilities


  1. Critical analysis of and facilitation of discussions on policies and project implementation experiences
  2. City and national campaigns to enhance public participation in urban transportation planning and project implementation
  3. Studies about and experience sharing of the involvement of local communities in shaping their urban transportation policies and systems
  4. Networking and partnerships with groups engaged in democratizing urban governance and the development of urban transportation policies and systems
  5. Public awareness and outreach including through a newsletter, organization of seminars and public events, media interactions, student internships, school-based projects etc 

SUM Net Membership

Members are expected to:

1         Fully subscribe to the SUM Net Mission Statement

2         Participate actively in SUM Net activities

3         Advocate the SUM Net Mission at all decision-making levels

People or organizations wishing to be members may apply using the SUM Net Membership Application Form on this website.

How does decision-making take place?

  1. All major decision-making is by consensus, such as on projects, funding etc.
  2. The Members operate through
  • Workgroups (such as on Media, Newsletter, Campaign, Fund raising and management)
  • An appointed/elected Convenor
  • An approved Secretariat

The Terms of Reference for each of these are decided by the Members by consensus.

For more information
SUM Net India Secretariat
C/o CEE Urban, Centre for Environment Education, A 10 Garden Estate, 167/1 Nagras Road, Aundh, Pune 411007 
+91 20 25887009

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